Tucker: As Elizabeth Warren’s Polls Drop, She Calls Bernie Sanders Sexist

‘She has a danger of dipping below 10% nationally’


CARLSON: “In the meantime, we want to bring you the latest on the Democratic Party, because there is, in the end, justice in this world. It is coming apart before our eyes. That officially begins with the Iowa Caucuses. It seemed like just this morning that senator Elizabeth Warren had been ordained to the front runner and the likely democratic nominee. But not anymore. Political fortunes can change overnight, faster than Warren’s ethnic identity, even. Her fund-raising has tanked. She is badly behind in the early primaries. She has a danger of dipping below 10% nationally. As she hurtles toward Earth, she has pulled her reserve chute. She is announcing Bernie Sanders, wait for it, as a sexist. She claims that he said no woman could ever win a presidential election. He denies it. Watch.”

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