Noah: Trump Has Shown More Emotion Talking About Toilets Than Most Tragedies

‘If Trump can solve that problem, he’s getting four more years’

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NOAH: “We’ve all had the moment where it doesn’t flush, and then when you’re at someone’s house. You fill up the tank again and hope they don’t notice how long you have been gone. The worst is where you’re flushing and the turd is swirling around the bowl like I ain’t going nowhere! I ain’t going nowhere! If Trump can solve that problem, he’s getting four more years, that’s all I’m saying. 
That’s a big problem. It’s also crazy how Trump had so much more emotion talking about toilets than most tragedies. He was in that.
( As Trump ) They were all falling down, so powerful. It was so intense we decided to produce it off Broadway.”

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