Aimee Allison on Harris Dropping Out: ‘Really Sad’ to Now Have ‘Six White Candidates on Stage’

‘We’re at this moment where we went from the most diverse set of candidates in the history of certainly my lifetime to an all white stage’

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ALLISON: “There’s such a focus on Iowa. Iowa being a majority white state, but the fact of the matter is this presidential primary is going to be won and lost in the states that are majority people of color and women of color are going to be key. It’s really sad. It’s a sad day for Kamala Harris to exit the race and still have candidates in that primary who haven’t raised as much money, who didn’t qualify for the debate stage this month as she had, who are still — who don’t have a discernible plan to build a multi-racial coalition that will win in the states that Trump won last time. It’s a sad state of affairs to have six white candidates on stage, many of whom don’t necessarily speak with black women who are the powerhouse voters, and we’re at this moment where we went from the most diverse set of candidates in the history, certainly my lifetime, to an all-white stage."

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