MSNBC Contributor Claims Russia Wanted a Trump Win, Right After MSNBC Says Not True

‘Vladimir Putin had the ultimate goal of electing Donald Trump because he didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be in office’

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BERTRAND: "So what we saw from the social media campaign, of course, that the Russians waged in 2016, is that they were targeting both sides, trying to inflame tensions on both the left and the right in order to sow that chaos, in order to promote disinformation, discourage people from voting. All in the final goal, really, of getting Americans disillusioned with the democratic process, right? Vladimir Putin had the ultimate goal of electing Donald Trump because he didn't want Hillary Clinton to be in office, but short of that, because no one really thought that Donald Trump was going to win, but short of that an accomplishment for him would just be to show his own people that the American style system is inferior to what the Russians have, for example. But what I also think Fiona's point here really underscores about her is the fact that she is so nonpartisan. This is someone who her colleagues don't even know what her political affiliations are. She managed to stay at the White House over two years even though she was not seen as a Trump loyalist, even though she really had no good things to say about Trump during the election because she kept her head down and was such a professional and people really respected her."

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