DNC Chair on Polls Showing Hillary ‘Is a Return to the Past’: ‘Polls Mean Very Little’

‘Hillary Clinton is polling very well’

DÍAZ-BALART: “Our most recent NBC News poll finds 51 percent say Hillary Clinton represents a return to the policies of the past. Forty four percent say she presents a vision needed for the future. What does she do to turn the numbers around, you think?" 
SCHULTZ: “Hillary Clinton is polling well as the only candidate on our side in the race right now. But polls mean very little right now. We saw polls go up and down through many presidential cycles. What's going to matter at the end of the day is that the voters in America are going to choose the 45th president of the United States based on who they think has their back. It's very clear whether it's Hillary Clinton or whoever the democratic nominee  is that voters want to make sure the candidate for president that they vote for will stand up to make sure that if you want to work hard and play by the rules in this country that you have a fair shot to succeed. That you can climb those ladders to the middle-class. Every Republican candidate supports and has embraced that Ryan budget which the Republicans continue to put forward which increases taxes on the middle-class to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy, which turns Medicare into a voucher system. They've all supported shutting the government down, costing our economy $24 billion just to deny people health care. That contrast -- I can't wait until we have a nominee, because that contrast is going to make sure that a Democrat is elected as the 45th president."

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