Fox News: Kentucky Gubernatorial Result Is Still Too Close To Call

‘Matt Bevin does show a lead but it’s too early to draw conclusions’


TOBIN: "Hello, Martha. And as the numbers are trickling in, the trend that we are seeing right now is the challenger Andy Beshear is doing well in the population centers, as Democrats generally do, and Matt Bevin is doing better in the rural counties. It’s still too early to say that you can see a trend that one guy is pulling ahead. Right now Matt Bevin does show a lead but it’s too early to draw conclusions. Both candidates with are their families right now. Beshear is watching the numbers as they roll in minute by minute. Bevin is not. Bevin is in a hotel suite with his nine kids. He's not even taking calls from well-wishers. Bevin worked very hard to nationalize this race. He hit hard on issues that are important to Trump voters, abortion, immigration, gun control. With the President in his corner, he said that Kentucky voters are disgusted by this impeachment inquiry."

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