Andrew Napolitano Defends Adam Schiff on Fox & Friends: Impeachment Inquiry Following GOP Written Rules

‘The rules were written in 2015 when Republicans controlled Congress’


DOOCY: "So Adam Schiff is getting that stuff together?"
NAPOLITANO: "Correct. But nothing was used against Bill Clinton that came from Ken Starr that wasn’t at some point filtered through the public so that the president’s lawyers can challenge it. That’s what this procedure permits."
EARHADT: "That makes sense."
NAPOLITANO: "Congressman Schiff is, in my opinion, following the rules of the House of Representatives. You generate the information in secret. You decide which you want to make public."
DOOCY: "Right."
NAPOLITANO: "You can’t use anything against the president that hasn’t been challenged and aired in public."
EARHADT: "So he can defend himself."
NAPOLITANO: "Correct. So that his lawyers, whoever they are going to be, ultimately will be seated at a table at the House Judiciary Committee challenging that evidence. When that challenge is over, the House Judiciary Committee votes and then the House of Representatives votes."
DOOCY: "Right. And the Republicans have asked for a vote so they’re getting this vote about the procedure of the inquiry going forward. But they also want it to be fair. And there is nothing fair about this. Congress has some screwy rules."
NAPOLITANO: "Congress does. The rules were written in 2015 when Republicans controlled Congress. And now they are stuck with those rules."

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