Emily Compagno on FISA Abuse: ‘We Should Know’ If Our Gov’t Is ‘Weaponizing Surveillance’ Against Us’

‘Everyone should be concerned’


KILMEADE: "When we look at this FISA report, in theory shouldn’t both parties be concerned about this? Because right now it involves Russia. But there's been other FISA applications. It's a top secret situation. We know that almost all of them are OK, but is this time -- do we end up with an autopsy of the whole process?"
COMPAGNO: "I hope so. And you’re right, everyone should be concerned. And what's most problematic as a citizen is the fact that these things have been politicized in the past, right? We saw that with the big Verizon issue a few years ago, when it suits a certain party there clamoring over this. But yes absolutely there should be transparency. And as citizens we should know our government is now weaponizing its surveillance and intelligence components for use against us.”

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