Chris Wallace: Harry Reid ‘Still Looks like He Was Punched by Mike Tyson’

‘You never expect these guys to quit’

WALLACE: “Well, as you suggest, it’s a surprise because you never expect these guys to quit, you know, the lions of the Senate. On the other hand, he is holder. He did undergo this very serious injury. I mean, he is still looks like he was punched by Mike Tyson and he’s got real eye problems. And as you say, he was going to face a tough re-election campaign and I guess he decided, 'Let’s go out on top.' Tough guy, whether you like him or don’t like him, he has been really effective at keeping the Democratic Caucus together and being one of those legislative leaders for either parties like herding cats. So will probably be replaced by either Dick Durbin or Chuck Schumer. But I’m sure Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, is breathing a little sigh of relief because it will be a little easier being on the other side not having to deal with Harry Reid.”
KILMEADE: “But he will certainly stick around until 2016."
WALLACE: “Yes. That's right. He will be there for the next two years."

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