Newt Gingrich: Elizabeth Warren Is the ‘Guaranteed Unemployment Candidate’

‘It’s the most left-wing group I’ve ever seen’


GINGRICH: “You know, there are individual Democrats who have ideas that are interesting. Some of the newer and younger members. But overall, the Democratic Party has fallen off a cliff. Just take the example of Elizabeth Warren, promising that she will make an Executive Order to ban all fracking in the United States. Fracking is a technology, which has enabled us to become the biggest producer of oil in the world. It has re-created the chemical industry in America. This is a very high income industry. It has helped us advance the Russians and the Saudis and the irradiance. She comes along, and I don’t think the Democrats realize, there’s going to be county after county after county. Eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania. There are a lot of folks were making a living because of what has happened with fracking. And basically, she’s the guaranteed unemployment candidate. What you see is the Democrats running into these kind of things as a group. It’s the most left-wing group I’ve ever seen.”

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