Mattis: Biggest National Security Threats Are Russia, China, National Debt and ‘Increasing Contempt I See Between Americans’

‘We have to sit down and remember, if we want this country to survive, we have to work together’

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MATTIS: "I think the biggest national security threat can be broken into two segments. One is external and clearly those nations, Russia and China that are trying to impose their authoritarian models and decisions over other countries, The South China Sea or Ukraine, parts of Georgia that Russia occupied. They mucked in our elections. So, externally I would look at those two. That’s why we rewrote the national defense strategy to acknowledge the reality of those nations, not the nations that we wanted to be dealing with but Russia of putin, the reality. The Russia — excuse me, the China of president xi. Internally my concern is twofold. The growing debt that we will transfer to the younger generation with no fiscal discipline and more than that, it’s want lack of friendliness, the increasing contempt I see between americans who have different opinions. We have to sit down and remember, if we want this country to survive, we have to work together. Of there is no way around that. That’s the way a democracy is set up. So, I would break it into those two fundamental different threats."

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