Jenna Ellis on McCabe: Americans Are ‘Frustrated’ that Certain Individuals Are ‘Insulated’ from the Rule of Law

‘Andrew McCabe just like every other American has every right to full due process’


ELLIS: "Yeah, and I think Jason is absolutely right and I would completely agree with that. Here we have someone who the Inspector General had said has been less than truthful. He was fired, that was a good consequence. But when you’re looking at whether or not to indict someone, it has to be a fair and unbiased process. So if you have all of this evidence and an indictment doesn’t come down, I think the American people are really frustrated that it does seem like there are certain individuals who are just insulated from having the rule of law applied to them. I mean, the standard here is very, very low in terms of indictment, and then it goes through due process. Andrew McCabe just like every other American has every right to full due process.”

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