MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid Suggests Trump DoJ Covering up Epstein Death: ‘We May Never Know’

‘The investigation of Epstein’s death now falls into the hands of William Barr, Donald Trump’s consigliere’


REID: “Okay, take that in for a moment. That’s a member of the federal government, a member of the presidential administration who just did that, who just advanced an insane conspiracy theory against the former president, okay. So meanwhile the investigation of Epstein’s death now falls into the hands of William Barr. Donald Trump’s consigliere, an Attorney general who refused to recuse himself on the Epstein case despite his association with a law firm once involved with Epstein, whose father once hired Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher with neither experience nor degree and whose prime directive is to protect Donald Trump no matter what. In other words, we may never get the answer to how Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to die and deprive all those victims of their opportunity for justice. Joining me now is Carol Lenning, investigative reporter for The Washington Post.”

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