Beto O’Rourke: ‘I Would Prefer that the President Not Come to El Paso’

Many in El Paso ‘do not want to see him here, understand that he is part of the problem’

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O'ROURKE: "I would prefer the president not come to El Paso. This is not just my preference. I've been listening to people. Importantly, I've been listening to the victims and their families. I had a woman who came up to me, we were in the elevator together at the University Medical Center and — I had met her sister Saturday night who told me that her 90-year old mother had just come out of surgery. She was shot along with her 90-year old father who did not make it out of surgery. And she came up to me and she said, 'We need to be talking about how this happened in the first place,' and that this president is in part responsible for what we've seen. People in El Paso by and large do not want to see him here, understand that he is part of the problem, part of how we got to this point. We know now that that he is coming. And I expect El Paso do nothing short of insuring that his visit is a safe one, that we're respectful towards him, but that we never forget his role in what happened on Saturday and holding him accountable and those who have allowed him to do this and are complicit still today in their silence by not calling him out."

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