Trump: Democrats Want Open Borders, They Don’t Mind Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking

‘And I want to thank Mexico because they really have gone above and beyond’

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TRUMP: “Now we have 21,000 soldiers, 6,000 on the Guatemala border, which is obviously that makes the safe third, John, much less important, you understand. It’s very hard to get from Guatemala to the United States. And we’ll have about 16,000 or so, maybe more, on our southern border. And we’re using the Mexican immigration laws, because that’s Mexico. And those laws say you can actually tell a person I’m sorry, you can’t come in, get out. Or they can take them back to a point of origin. So we’re doing very well but we have no help whatsoever from the Democrats. Just the opposite. They want open borders. They obviously don’t mind crime and drugs and human trafficking, which is a tremendous problem. And human trafficking mostly in women. And you know, Democrats with their big wonderful hearts, human trafficking with women, where three, four, five women are put in the back of a van or the back of a car and they go through areas where there will soon be wall but there’s no wall right now because you can’t obviously come through ports of entry. But we’re really doing well on the border considering we have absolutely no help from the Democrats. Not only no help, just the opposite.”

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