Flashback: Dana Carvey Impersonates Ross Perot at the White House

‘You are not listening to one word I am saying’

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CARVEY: "Put them together, then the staple. So, of course, I completely exaggerated it. But in all fairness, on Saturday Night Live, you know we do everyone, we do Bill Clinton, we do Ross Perot, of course, I did do Ross Perot. And here is the deal, see. Now, he's got one eye almost like that, see? Here it is. Now, Christmas season. Isn't it nice? I love those Christmas songs. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Now, what the hell is a red-nosed reindeer? A reindeer with a drinking problem, I swear. Now, I just adore — I love Ross Perot — do you have any evidence? You're not listening to one word I'm saying, are you? You want a sound bite? Is that what you want? You want a little sound bite, a little something to put in your press story there? Is that what you want?”

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