Bill de Blasio: ‘No Federal Funding for Charter Schools’

‘The federal government should be focused on funding our schools at the local level’


DE BLASIO: “Instead of focusing on teaching and learning and supporting our educators with professional development, this country created a system of high-stakes testing that took us in the wrong direction. Look, here's what I say. The federal government should be focused on funding our schools at the local level because our current system is not working. Our current system bathes in the inequalities in this country. We need a federal government that finally takes responsibility for funding education the way it needs to be done in this country. That's what I want to focus on, get away from high-stakes testing, get away from charter schools, no federal funding for charter schools. (cheers and applause) By the way, too many Republicans, but also too many Democrats have been cozy with the charter schools, let's be blunt about it. We need to hold our own party accountable, too. And no one should ask for your support and no one should be the Democratic nominee unless they're willing to stand up to Wall Street and the rich people behind the charter school movement once and for all.”

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