CNN: ‘Totally the Wrong Holiday’ to Celebrate the U.S. Military

‘I would say, from what the mission is of the 4th of July, but he moved into something very popular, which is the military’


KIRBY: "Because he shoehorned what he really wanted to do on vets day to the 4th of July. Because he got talked out of doing it on Veterans Day which, of course, would have been an appropriate time to honor the military, although I still disagreed with that ostentatious way, didn't agree with it. But the Pentagon kind of talked him out of it because of the cost, which I think was estimated at $92 million or something like that. So he backed off of that. And he's just shoehorned it on the 4th of July. He leapfrogged it ahead into July because he couldn’t do it last November. It was always in his mind after seeing Bastille Day in 2017 to do a big military display, and he was just looking for a day to do it. It ended up on the 4th of July, which again, I think is totally the wrong holiday for it."

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