Joe Concha: Kamala Harris ‘Could Be a Historic Figure, the Female Barack Obama’

‘Kamala Harris clearly is the choice here’


CONCHA: “Oh, well, every day there is something to write about, Tucker. That is for sure. “A star is born.” I thought that was lady gaga and Barbra streisand. I like gaga better in those situations. But to your point where you are saying before around the media not wanting Biden to win, you are right. He is everything that was embodied by Hillary Clinton, which Lisa booth pointed out before. Kindler and gentler. Doesn’t do tough interviews. Risk averse. White. Boring. It doesn’t do a lot more ratings and clicks. Kamala Harris could be an historic figure  — the female Barack Obama. The first female president. So he is will give you big sound bites like Trump will.”

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