The View Confronts Marianne Williamson on 2020 Run, Vaccines: ‘You Sound a Lot Like Trump!’

‘You have no political experience just like Trump’


BEHAR: “I agree with everything you just said, and here’s my question to you. This is a very hard B , and you have no political experience just like Trump. How do you expect to negotiate your way through Congress when you don’t have any experience knowing how to do that?”

WILLIAMSON: “I think it’s almost the opposite of what you just said. I challenge the idea that people who have had years of a career entrenched in the mindset of those limitations, careers in the system that has not mentioned those things, that has therefore driven us into this ditch, you challenge the idea that the people who took us into this ditch are the only ones qualified to take us out of it.”

(Via Mediaite)

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