Dem Rep. Jeffries Blasts Trump: Accepting Dirt from a Hostile Power ‘Is Treasonous Behavior’

‘If it’s treasonous, shouldn’t you move forward with impeachment proceedings?’


RUHLE: “What -- we must start with this -- do you make of the president saying right there in the open, he'd accept help from foreigners in the next election."
JEFFRIES: "It’s a shocking statement. Accepting assistance from a hostile foreign power like Russia is treasonous behavior. The president of the United States should condemn it, instead he is embracing it. That should tell the country all it needs to know about the current occupant in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It makes clear that in Congress we need to legislate such behavior out of existence in terms of making it clear that it’s criminal and that any individual campaign moving forward that engages in that behavior should be locked up."

(h/t Mediaite)

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