Nationals Announcer Blames Home Run Spike on Global Warming

‘I think the bats, plus the balls, plus launch angles, plus pitchers throwing hard, plus global warming is why there’s so many home runs’


SANTANGELO: "These guys are putting good swings on it, too. It’s just — it’s a lot of carry. It’s the bats, too. We were talking about this the other day, you remember, what was it, '12, maybe '13 when the bats were helicopter and everywhere — only a matter of time before somebody gets stabbed with a bat. Now, when do you see that? You rarely see a bat break violently anymore. I just think they’ve mastered the craft, whether it’s maple or ash or whatever they’re using now. We’ll show, you’ll see toothpicks flying around. Every once in a while, one will be on the ground past the pitcher, but not the violent helicopter spear thing that we saw for a couple of years anymore, and I think the bats plus the balls plus launch angles plus pitchers throwing hard plus global warming is why there’s so many home runs."

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