Noah on Catholic Church’s Hypocrisy Against Gay People: Priests Can’t Get Little Boys Pregnant

‘You should transfer me to a different parish where I will probably do the same thing’

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NOAH: “But if it was, why does the church care about it so much? How come the church isn’t warning us about other trends? You never hear the pope saying, “There’s only one high priest and his name is Jesus Christ.” And get this, get this. Part of the Vatican’s rationale is transgender people go against its belief that God made men and women to reproduce. Which, first of all, transgender people can reproduce. And, secondly, again, why do you care? Right you? Don’t even let your people reproduce, right? Nuns aren’t allowed to have sex, right. Priests can’t get little boys pregnant, yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Two pedophilia jokes. Yeah, yeah. I got away with it the first time. Of course I was going to go back for more, which is the same thing the priests said about touching little boys “P” oh! Three pedophilia jokes! You don’t like it? You should transfer me to a different parish where I will probably do the same thing.” 

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