Ingraham Panel: Sending Asylum Seekers to Rural America Is Dems’ Plan to Spread Their Voters

‘They’re going to tax American citizens to give free health care to people who come here illegally’

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PATRICK: "Yeah. Look, this is the goal of the Democrats to take over the country. Their policies don’t work so they have to bring people in the country who are uneducated of what America stands for, of what capitalism is all about, of what responsibility is all about. Look, there are some good people trying to get here. I’ve got it. But we cannot absorb all the people on the planet. They have gone from Medi-Cal to Wholly-Cal in California. What are they thinking? 19 to 25, that will expand to 30-year-olds and 35-year-olds and it will expand to 100 million to 500 million to 4 billion. And they’re going to tax American citizens to give free health care to people who come here illegally? Laura, the Democrats are going to play this out as long as they can because one day, long term plan, one day they will get these people to register to vote. They are going to register, they think, for them, and they hope for them. If going to change the face of the country. That’s why this is a long, drawn-out plan."

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