MSNBC Panel on John Dean Testifying Today: ‘It Is Theater; He Is Not a Fact Witness’

‘To some extent his testimony is a little bit limited’


WILLIAMS: "To some extent it is theater. Because look, he is not a fact witness. He is not a witness that can testify. He can talk about what is in the Mueller report, but he didn't write it. He didn't gather the evidence, and to some extent -- to some extent his testimony is a little bit limited. Now, I mean, at the end of the day, what we need to hear from are either the witnesses who provide the background information in the Mueller report or Mueller or a member of his team himself. Now, the committee is doing five more hearings and we need to find out what are those five hearings going to be about. But today will be good. And I think well keep focusing our interest around the subject of the report. Buy you touched on it, Andrea, he is 45 years removed from having the most to say."

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