CNN’s Toobin Bashes Democrats Impeachment ‘Process Talks’: ‘Stop Talking About Investigating’ and Do It

‘I think the Democrats should stop talking about investigating and do investigating’


TOOBIN: "I think the Democrats should stop talking about investigating and do investigating. You know, all this talk about, should there be impeachment, should there be oversight — they ought to hold hearings. They’re holding a hearing on Monday with John Dean, who with all due respect, is a figure from the 1970s. You know, I don’t think Democrats are helped at all by this sort of process arguments about how we should do it or when we should do it. Hold some hearings, talk about the substance of the investigation, not this process talk. It’s June already. And, you know, the Intelligence Committee hasn’t held any serious hearings, Oversight has held a couple. The Michael Cohen hearing was a serious, important hearing. The Judiciary Committee hasn’t held any significant hearings about investigating the President. Do that, don’t talk about this."

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