Devin Nunes: Mueller Was So ‘Blatantly Dishonest’ Yesterday

‘I think the thing that should come first is, number one, we still don’t even know what Mueller was supposed to be investigating’


NUNES: “I want to start to make sure what Mueller did yesterday, I thought he did a pretty good job but people forget one important point. Mueller trying to do this a victory lap. He tried to talk about the Russians they found, the Russians they prosecuted. I want to remind people that the House Republicans on the intelligence committee had that over a year ago. And Mueller, or if he’s so concerned about these Russians, why did they obstruct our report from getting out? So all report is still heavily redacted, Sean. So Mueller — exactly right, he lit the fuse. You ask about what you come first? I think the thing that should come first is, number one, we still don’t even know what Mueller was supposed to be investigating. We do not have that document. We know that he’s talked about conspiracy to collude? Well, when he walks in the door, he knew there was no evidence of collusion. We know that because the lead investigator said so on text messages. He was so blatantly dishonest yesterday that he says, well, the office of legal counsel says that you can’t indict a sitting president. Well, he should have been gone after day two. He has no Russians, except for the Fusion and Clinton Russians, and possibly the dirty cop at the eye Russians. That’s the only Russians he has to show connections to the Mueller campaign. Clearly the Clinton operation is heavily working with Russians or Russian disinformation. He didn’t take time to look into any of that. And you have this, he comes and says well, there is no possibility to indict the president on obstruction of you just have to ask yourself sitting back thinking about it, what was that press conference all about yesterday? It was one thing. To light the fuse. Light the fuse for impeachment. Because these guys are in big trouble. Another important point.”

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