Hickenlooper: ‘I Think It’d Be Crazy Not To’ Begin an Impeachment Inquiry

‘We have to go out and try to get the facts’


BERMAN: "But you’re saying yes, now is the time?" 
HICKENLOOPER: "Yes. I think we need to get the facts. Just asking to bring forth the evidence, I think it would be crazy not to do it, to be quite honest with you. We have to go out and try and get facts." 
CAMEROTA: "Do you worry it could hurt Democrats in 2020?"
HICKENLOOPER: "Again, we should go into it clear-eyed and recognize that Mitch McConnell is not going to impeach President Trump. We’ve got to beat Trump at the ballot box and be laser-focused on that." 
CAMEROTA: "That's what I mean. Will voters be annoyed that Democrats are spending time on impeachment?" 
HICKENLOOPER: "I don’t think so. I think voters and most of the people I talked to in Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, they want the facts. Let’s find out what really happened. It’s one thing to say that the Trump campaign actually communicated with a hostile power. To me, that’s breathtaking that we just accept that that’s fine. Let’s see what else is there." 
BERMAN: "Again, running as a moderate, you don’t see it as a leftist position?"
HICKENLOOPER: "No. I think trying to get facts is within America as a country, it’s within America’s responsibility." 

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