Eric Trump to Dobbs: Mueller’s Done ‘A Tremendous Amount to Divide This Country’

‘He was talking in code’


TRUMP: “I think he did a travesty to his country. It shouldn’t take two and a half years to come up with no collusion, no obstruction. He said today I stand by everything I said in the report. Albeit he didn’t just come out and say, guyses, after two and a half years, there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. He was talking in code. And I just, you know, you look at how well our country’s doing right now economically, the taking care of our vets, the respect around the world. You look at those images coming from Japan where world leaders actually like us again, my father’s doing an unbelievable job for this country on every front. On every front out there. And all the Democrats can do is put on these clown shows on the side, and it’s a shame, because it hurts this country. It’s, it’s a travesty. We’re doing so well. When are people going to start cheerleading for America versus just being obstructionists? That’s what these guys are doing.“


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