CNN’s Brinkley Praises ‘Historic Speaker’ Pelosi: ‘She Is the Glue Keeping the Whole Washington Scene Together’

‘She’s a master at reading people’


BRINKLEY: "But President Trump has the bully pulpit, and he could have pivoted to the Rose Garden and then said, 'I’m not going to talk about this, I’m going to talk about infrastructure even if the Democrats don’t want to,' and start talking about our collapsing bridges and are highways and are our nuclear power plants safe. All the things people want to hear about, but instead he overreacted to her and it —"
BALDWIN: "Do you think she knew he would?"
BRINKLEY: "She knew he would. Because she’s a master at reading people. You don’t become the Speaker of the House if you are not able to understand human nature of all of the people on Capitol Hill, and she’s been here for a long time. She’s now a historic speaker. And this may be seen as the Pelosi age in the Democratic Party. She’s filled the leadership void that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden kind of disappeared for a while and she’s stepped to the forefront. But the one thing that Nancy Pelosi has to be careful of is impeachment, because that word divides the Democrats like the Iraq War did. Are you for or against the Iraq War? What does Joe Biden do with that? Is he for impeachment or against impeachment? And if it gets simplified too much, you could have a civil war within the Democratic Party."

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