Meyers: Of Course You’d Be Snitty If Your 400-Page Report Was Dishonestly Summarized into a Four-Page Report

‘So Barr lied to the American people and to Congress’


MEYERS: “Sorry, did you call it snitty? Are you the Attorney general or the dowager countess? Also, you know, of course he was snitty. He spent two years working on a 400-page report about a criminal conspiracy to interfere in a presidential election. And then you wrote a four-page summary lying about it. I’d be snitty, too. It’s like if michelangelo unveiled the sistine chapel and then the pope just put a plaque under it that said “Two dudes touching fingers.” So Barr lied to the American people and to Congress. And now he’s just not showing up to hearings at all. Which means the next thing Congress should do is call Mueller himself to testify so we can actually hear from the guy who wrote the report.“

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