Hannity: Time for the Republican Establishment, Tea Party to Unite [Full Speech]

‘The American people are needlessly suffering because of bad politics in Washington’

Hannity Goes After ‘Stupid Liberals,’ Tries to Unite Establishment and Tea Party at CPAC (Mediaite)

Fox News star Sean Hannity took the CPAC 2015 stage by storm, railing against “stupid liberals” in a speech that clearly energized the room full of conservatives.

Hannity began his remarks with something of a stand-up routine, throwing footballs into the crowd and asking for a call-and-response polling on each possible 2016 Republican candidate. Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Rand Paul, and Sen. Ted Cruzreceived the loudest applause. Perhaps even more notably, upon mentioning their names, Govs. Jeb Bush and Chris Christie both received boos.

The Fox host also turned heads while setting up a joke about personal responsibility with this Biden-esque line: “I have x-ray Fox vision and I can see some young women — you don’t even know it yet but you’re pregnant. But it’s not your fault!”

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