Fmr. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun Endorses Biden: Joe Biden Passes Every Litmus Test

‘Biden not only has a plan but he has a record of service’


MELVIN: “How is Joe Biden going to square the support of that bill with -- with black voters?"
MOSELEY BRAUN: "I think, frankly, he can square it very well. And to answer the question about who’s the most qualified candidate of all and who has got a plan, Joe Biden not only has a plan but he has a record of service. And I think that’s really important. The best indicator of what somebody’s going to do is how they -- what they have done over time. And Joe Biden passes every litmus test on race, on gender, on -- on caring for working people that you can possibly come up with. And that’s -- that's why I think his candidacy for president is so important for all of us. Does he have a plan? Of course he has a plan. I don’t want to talk about it right now, because I -- he needs to have a chance, it’s his campaign.” 

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