Buttigieg on Gun Control: ‘Assault Rifles Need To Be on the Table, Too’

‘I think assault rifles need to be on the table, too’


BUTTIGIEG: “And mayors care about this issue because it’s the worst part of our job, is getting that message or phone call that we lost another person, usually young person, to gun violence or to gun suicide in our communities. As a mayor who has had that experience time and time again, as a mayor who is there when we swear in our cops with their spouses and sometimes children at their side and does not wish to see them outgunned in their own neighborhoods, as somebody who is very familiar with weapons of war, somebody who carried a rifle and a pistol around a foreign land on the orders of the president, there are some weapons that just don’t belong in our neighborhoods in peacetime in America.
We’ve already decided this is within the Second Amendment because we have decided that somewhere in between a slingshot and a nuclear weapon, we can draw a line. And that is not unconstitutional. It is common sense.
That’s why I think assault rifles need to be on the table, too. Thank you."

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