Cruz: House Dems Would Still Impeach Trump Without Any Crime Because They Hate Him

‘It is showing just how extreme they are’

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CRUZ: “Let me say first of all, this weekend was a very good weekend for the president, but even more fundamentally, it was a very good weekend for the country. We’ve had now two years of this special prosecutor investigation, and during the entire time, virtually every Democrat and all of the media has been breathlessly covering every minute of it, insisting collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion. Well, we now have the report from a special counsel and they concluded there was no evidence, zero evidence of collusion. That’s a big deal. Not only that, but we also now know that both the attorney general bill Barr and the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein concluded that none of the evidence supports the charges of obstruction for justice — obstruction of justice, which means everything the Democrats and media have been talking about for two years was lacking in a factual basis. And the entire media has egg on their face, and what are they doing now? They are not apologizing or backtracking, they are not saying “Gosh, facts were wrong,” instead, they are attacking, we are seeing every Democrat. To say “Never mind about collusion, never mind about crimes or evidence,” and mark my words, Sean, the House Democrats are going to impeach the president anyway, not because of any evidence, not because of any crimes, but because of the fact he is Donald Trump and they hate Donald Trump. It is showing just how extreme they are.”

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