Haberman: People in the W.H. Say Trump Associates McCain with the Steele Dossier

‘[Trump] has a vice-like grip on the GOP now’


BERMAN: "You have an article this morning about John McCain, the president’s most recent attack on John McCain, which came during official White House event yesterday in Ohio. And you and your co-author talk about the pressure, if there is any for the president to stop this. Do folks in the White House feel this is helping him?" 
HABERMAN: "They don’t feel that it's helping him, but they tend to -- first of all, there are many fewer people in the White House than there used to be. Number two, those who are still there tend to see it from his vantage point on this. To be clear this is not my justifying it, I'm just saying, this is his vantage point is he has come to associate and there is a through-line on everything we're talking about this morning and it is the investigations. He now associates McCain with the Christopher Steele dossier. He repeatedly offers a set of facts that’s been contradicted but he sticks to it. He associates McCain with the Steele dossier because McCain turned the dossier over to the FBI reportedly. He believes the dossier is the source of all of his problems with Mueller.”

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