Carlson Goes After Media Matters Chief over His Own Scandalous Comments: He Kept a ‘Racist Blog’ for Years

‘Hayes invited a man called Angelo Carusone on his show’

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CARLSON: “Carusone runs Media Matters, almost every day he issues outrage press releases accusing other people of bigotry. And yet, because everything is irony, Carusone is himself an enthusiastic bigot. We know this for sure because he’s written about it extensively. It turns out that for years Carusone maintained a racist blog. One post entitled 'Tr*nny Paradise' addressed a crime story from Thailand. A Bangladeshi man had been robbed and assaulted by a group of male prostitutes dressed as women. Carusone objected to the idea that this was even a story and ridiculed south Asians as inherently ugly and poor. Quote, 'Is the writer a tr*nny lover too? Or perhaps he’s just trying to justify how these tr*nnies tricked this Bangladeshi in the first place? Look, man, we don't need to know whether or not they were attractive. The f***ing guy was Bangladeshi. What the hell was he doing with $7,300 worth of stuff? The guy is Bangladeshi!' In another post, Carusone described how a male coach at a Japanese high school had sexually abused female players. People in Japan were horrified by this, understandably. Carusone was not. His advice: 'Lighten up, Japs.' Later that month, Carusone, by now in a frenzy of racism, heaped praise on a former Ku klux Klan leader. In still another post from the same period, Carusone described that a Jewish man as being handsome, quote, 'Despite his Jewry.' Carusone didn’t like the man's political views but attributed them to, quote, 'His possession of several bags of Jewish gold.' Jewish gold. According to Angelo Carusone, Jewish gold is a problem. Media Matters probably ought to issue a press release about this. They’ve done a lot more for a lot less.”

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