Attkisson on Williams: Anchors Surrounded by ‘Yes-Men’ Who Won’t Tell Them Hard Truths

‘Who wants to tell emperor that he’s wearing no clothes?’

Sharyl Attkisson on Brian Williams: These Anchors Are Surrounded by "Yes-Men" Who Won't Tell Them The Hard Truths (RealClearPolitics)

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, MEDIABUZZ: A lot of people have been responding online saying it doesn't really matter whether he's in that chair or not, because anchors are basically news readers, but he also has an important title of managing editor. 

SHARYL ATTKISSON: This may be one reason to take a look at this trend in which the network evening news anchors are also given the title of managing editor. Does that mean in cases where there are controversies that they are separated from sort of an independent look or viewpoint of somebody who could say to them: Should you be doing this? Asking questions. 

Versus when they're in charge I can tell you these network anchors are surrounded sometimes by what we call yes-men, yes-people who won't tell them the hard truths or raise questions, because they in essence in charge of the show, in charge of the personnel. Who wants to tell emperor that he's wearing no clothes?

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