Boxer: ‘We Are in a National Emergency Because Trump Will Not Open Up the Government’

‘We are in a national emergency because Trump will not open up the government’


BOXER: “The people may not get it at first, but they come around. Look, I went to 35 State of the Union addresses in my time in the House and in the Senate, and you know they are big productions, they are security challenges. And the Constitution doesn’t say that the president shall go to the House. It says from time to time he should make a report to the Congress on the State of the Union. There is no necessity for him to do that. These are not normal times. We are in a national emergency because Trump will not open up the government. And the people who we rely on for safe skies, for safe food, for safe drinking water, I could go on, safety at sea, the Coast Guard, they’re standing in food lines. We are not going to have a fancy State of the Union where everyone is smiling and standing and applauding while this is going on. So he needs to get a life, his family needs to get a life, and they need to understand people are suffering, many more than a million people are suffering because of this.”

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