Aaron Sorkin Says New Crop of Congressional Dems Need to ‘Stop Acting Like Young People’

‘It’s time to do that’


SORKIN: “I’m not sure I want to do that. I like Harris, Joe Biden. I really like the new crop of young people who were just elected to Congress. They now need to stop acting like young people. It’s time to do that. I think there’s a great opportunity here, now more than ever, for Democrats to be the nonstupid party, to point out the difference. That we are — that it’s want just about transgender bathrooms. That’s a Republican talking point they’re trying to distract you with. That — that we haven’t forgotten the economic anxiety of the middle class but we’re going to be smart about this. We’re not going to be mean about it and that we can go back to being the America — my father who passed away a few years ago fought in World War II.”

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