Steny Hoyer: Shutting Down the Government Is a Bad Policy, Trump Is Saying Do It My Way or No Way

‘Shutting down the government is a bad policy, a failed policy, a policy that hurts 800,000 people and millions of people who rely on government’


HOYER: "First of all, I think Ann Coulter is wrong on the facts, but there is no doubt that the only person holding this up is the President of the United States and Senator McConnell who refuses to put the bill on the floor which I think has the majority of the votes in the Senate. Democrats every day have spoken about opening up government and almost every day we've been in session have put a bill on the floor to do exactly that, passed it, and sent it to the Senate. They’re going to have at the end of this week some eight bills, any one of which would open either segments of the government that are shut down or all of government that's shut down. As a matter of fact, tomorrow's bill will open up every agency of government, and it is what we call a clean bill. There are no things in there that one side or the other disagrees. All they have to do is put that on the floor and the President has to sign it. Shutting down the government is a bad policy, a failed policy, a policy that hurts not only 800,000 people but hundreds of millions of people who rely on government. And as your report pointed out, and I repeat, it is hurting our economy and that's unfortunate because the President is saying, 'Either do it my way or no way.'"

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