Joe Lockhart: ‘Absolute Fiction’ There’s A Nat’l Emergency on the Southern Border; Climate Change Is a Nat’l Emergency

‘If there is a humanitarian crisis here, he created it, he can fix it’

BERMAN: "I’ll come back to the facts in a second. But, Joe, just answer that point. Does a wall stop asylum seekers with children?"
LOCKHART: "No. And a family separation policy instituted, as much as Donald Trump says it’s the same as Obama’s, it’s not. I’ll say it again, it’s not."
CAMEROTA: "Some may never be reunited."
LOCKHART: "If there is a humanitarian crisis here, he created it, he can fix it. It is absolute fiction that there is a national emergency here. We have national emergencies. Climate change is a national emergency, gun violence is a national emergency. This is not. This is politics. Tonight, one of two things is going to happen. We will find out that Donald Trump is even more cynical than we ever knew and that he used yesterday’s briefing with the Vice President to build this up so he could get his seven minutes and we’ll just get more lies, or we will have a constitutional crisis where he for no reason at all declares a national emergency and starts violating U.S. law or going against it."

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