CNN’s Rangappa: ‘Hogwash’ to Say that Michael Flynn Was Pressured into Lying

‘Michael Flynn was anything but pressured into lying’


RANGAPPA: “I think that’s hogwash. You know, I read that 302 that was released by Mueller’s team last night, and Michael Flynn was anything but pressured into lying. In fact, the FBI agents who interviewed him reminded him of conversations that he had, that they were asking him about that he initially would not disclose. So they were trying to prompt his memory, trying to get him to, you know, talk about things that they knew about that he was trying to conceal. They even used his own words that he had used in conversations. And what is really telling is what Mueller said in the sentencing memo, that Flynn was committed to his story and that he wasn’t even sweating it, he wasn’t showing any signs of deception. From a counterintelligence perspective, this is really concerning because that means that there is already a cover story that has been decided upon that this guy is sticking to no matter what the FBI was going to help him out or give him prompts on. So this was a bed that he made, and now he has to lie in it.”

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