Ben Cardin: Dems Want Border Security But Trump’s Wall Makes No Sense

‘We want border security, but there is a smart way to do border security’


CARDIN: "Let’s be clear about this. The Republicans in Congress have no game plan. They can’t even pass this. So it’s not the Democrats. The wall makes no sense whatsoever. There is no support for it in the Congress of the United States. We want border security, but there is a smart way to do border security. We have provided the funding for border security. This wall makes no sense and the only person that wants it is the President. Quite frankly, he’s not going to get it. So we hope there would be a way that the Republicans can work with us to send to the President something he could sign, keep government open. If there is a shutdown, the President has claimed credit for it, it's on his shoulders. We don’t want a shutdown."

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