Chris Murphy on Heather Nauert: For Trump the Most Important Qualification Is Show up on His TV

‘She has no experience as a diplomat. No meaningful experience in the government’


MURPHY: “I obviously like to see that announcement come from the White House before I react, you know, too seriously to it. But, you know, listen, our foreign policy is a mess, and the President was laughed at in his last speech before the U.N.. And I'm not sure anybody would advise him that the way to correct all his mistakes is to put a "Fox and Friends" anchor as our top ambassador to the United Nations. Heather Nauert, you know, has been at the State Department so it's not as if she has no experience, but she has no experience as a diplomat. She has no meaningful experience in the government. She is clearly not qualified for this job, but these days, it seems that the most important qualification is that you show up on Donald Trump's TV screen and if you're successful in that endeavor, then you seem to be a top candidate to get a whole bunch of top positions in the U.S. government."

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