Andrea Mitchell: Trump Is ‘Demonizing’ Immigrants ‘by Calling Them a Caravan’

‘To say nothing of the demonizing of all of this by calling them a caravan and describing them based on no observable facts’


RUCKER: "Yeah, it’s a horrible humanitarian crisis and it has been from the beginning of the family separation policy. And you have parts of the government right now trying to respond, trying to correct this in some way, but it’s clearly not working; you clearly continue to have families struggling that are torn apart, and it’s a real problem at the border. And the president is so adamant in hammering his sort of ideological agenda on immigration that it’s created problems inside the government as '60 Minutes' got into."
MITCHELL: "To say nothing of the demonizing of all of this by calling them a caravan and -- and describing them based on --"
RUCKER: "As criminals."
MITCHELL: "-- no observable facts as --" [crosstalk]
RUCKER: "Unknown Middle Easterners without any evidence of that."
MITCHELL: "Five hundred murderers in -- in the midst, et cetera."

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