Ted Deutch: Rick Scott’s the Governor of Florida, Not an Unelected Autocrat and He Needs To Be Held Accountable

‘The way Rick Scott has behaved and cast doubt on this whole process is so dangerous’


DEUTCH: “We’re going to find out. We’re going to do the recount right now. We’re going to find out whether this is a problem with the scanners or not. They will recalibrate them and we’ll find out. Let’s wait until the recount is played out. You’re right about the president but it’s not the president. The way Rick Scott has behaved and cast doubt on this whole process is so dangerous. Here is what people know about Rick Scott. They know when there’s a hurricane, he puts on his Navy hat and travels around the state and tells people to be calm and to work together. It’s time that he maybe considers putting that Navy cap back on and looking at the Florida voters and telling them let’s be calm. Let’s stay together for the benefit of our democracy. That’s what he ought to be doing.”

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