Sarah Sanders: I Don’t Know if the Election Is a Referendum on Trump

‘I don’t know if it is a referendum on him but I certainly think you will see supporters galvanized because of him’


DOOCY: “When people say, I have heard the president say, look I’m not on the ballot, but just imagine I am, this really is kind of a referendum on the president, isn’t it?"
HUCKABEE SANDERS: "I don’t know if it's a referendum on him but I certainly think that you're going to see supporters galvanized because of him. Certainly we’ve seen that as he traveled around the country. Unprecedented numbers turning out for somebody who is not on the ballot, the type of energy and enthusiasm, that we’ve seen day in, day out, over the last six to eight weeks is something I've never seen before, certainly not in a midterm election for any president at any point."

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