Chris Cillizza: Trump’s Threat on Birthright Citizenship Is a Plot that Won’t Play Well in California and Florida

‘That’s what Paul Ryan talked about on the radio which is, look, we didn’t like it when Obama used executive power for immigration’


CILLIZZA: "Yeah, I mean, look, I continue to think — we talk about it, but I continue to think one of the most underplayed storylines in this White House is the fact that one of the chief advocates of the President of the United States and one of his chief Republican critics are married to one another. That, in and of itself, is a fascinating story. And look, I think George Conway is speaking for a lot of Republicans, not just Republican strategists who Seung Min is right, this is a ploy that will not play well in a lot of the districts in California, and Minnesota and Florida that they need to win to have a chance of holding the House, but Republicans who view the use of executive power as potentially problematic as it relates to the separation of powers, that’s what Paul Ryan talked about on the radio which is, 'Look, we didn’t like it when President Obama used executive power on immigration. We're going to be consistent in not liking what Donald Trump did. My only thing — I'll say it — past this prologue there’s a fair amount of 'Oh, this is bad, I wish he wasn't doing this,' and then they kind of capitulate. I don’t think Donald Trump will go forward with this, I think this is a political employ, but it’s not as though in the past Republicans have stood up to him and stayed standing up to him."

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