Klobuchar: ‘Hillary Would Have Been a Great President’

‘First of all, on her own merits, Hillary would have been a great president’


BEHAR: “The question I’m going to ask you now might be a distraction but I’m going to ask it anyway because —"
KLOBUCHAR: "Oh great."
BEHAR: "-- because Hillary Clinton, who I voted for, we love Hillary, but last week —
UNKNOWN FEMALE: "Speak for yourself."
BEHAR: "-- she said that Bill Clinton should not be — should not have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair because he was sleeping with the White House intern but it wasn’t an abuse of power, because Monica was an adult. Now, to me it’s like, Hillary, don’t even go there anymore, stop with this because it’s just another distraction for our enemies — your political enemies to go after the Democrats. What do you say to that?"
KLOBUCHAR: "First of all, on her own merits, Hillary would have been a great president.”

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